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Amanda Magalhães and Seu Jorge Release ‘Saiba’ Video

By 19 December, 2019

Oberdan Magalhães was (and is) one of the great geniuses of Brazilian music. Under his leadership Banda Black Rio conquered all before it in the 1970s. After his death in 1984, his son William Magalhães took over the group. Soon after, the third generation of this musical family, Amanda Magalhães, inevitably followed the same path as her grandfather and father. Her most recent release is “Saiba”, made in partnership with the singer Seu Jorge.

At times of superficiality and ephemeral relationships, the song bases itself on the true meaning of the word love. “In addition to having a very beautiful voice, Amanda is also an amazing instrumentalist. The composition embraces people, contemplating love, being together, longing, the desire to want to be together”, says Seu Jorge, about the song.

Directed by the duo Kill The Buddha, the video reflects what the song is about: a healthy relationship full of love being reciprocated. “I think we can convey the delicacies and subtleties of loving someone in daily life and poetry, love in its fullness”, says Amanda, who as well as being a music and composer is an actress, playing Natá in the critically-acclaimed 3% series on Netflix.

“I consider Seu Jorge one of the greatest popular voices of our time, and I always had the dream of working with him. I have known him from a very young age when, through the open door to my room, I heard that unique timbre ringing in the room, singing along with my father songs that they composed there. These are precious memories that my ear has kept. Needless to say, how honored I was years later when he came to sing with me”.

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