DJ El Dopa Presents Fly Points 2 – Matar a Saudade (New Sounds from Brazil)

By 09 August, 2012

Los Angeles-based DJ El Dopa‘s trips to Brazil keep bearing fruit as this new mix and video prove. You may have seen some of El Dopa’s mixes on the site before – such as this live Brazilian vinyl mix – and he’s back with another selection of rare, new and unheard gems from his trip.

Here’s El Dopa to explain the mix:

I released a mix back in 2005 called Fly Points Across The Map, highlighting beats and rhythms from tropical places around the world. 2500 CDs were pressed up & distributed, mostly hand2hand, and the feedback was very positive. People still ask me for copies.

So now in 2012, after traveling to one fly point in particular, far across the map, I picked up an abundance of fascinating new sounds as well as some funk/soul gems from the 70s, that need to be shared with the rest of the world. From deep in the Brazilian jungle – concrete & natural – comes a mix of hip-hop, dub, tribal chants & heavy percussion swirled with electronic bass & futuristic rhythms that reflect a new Brazil… hurling towards the 22nd century but fighting to keep one foot firmly planted in the rich musical roots of their unique culture.

We’ve also got this excellent new video to present from El Dopa, in which he has merged photos from his Brazil trip with “Treme Treme”, a track from Curumin’s new album.

More from El Dopa:

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