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Emicida and Miguel Partner for New Video ‘Oasis’

By 26 October, 2017

The political and economic situation in Brazil at the moment is not good. But within the crisis, there is still hope. Emicida reflects this vision in “Oásis”, a song which includes the participation of U.S. singer Miguel. The two had previously performed together at Rock In Rio in September.

“‘Oásis’ is an attempt to try to create a positive atmosphere… an atmosphere of love, even in the reality of shit we are living in Brazil – we do not know if it’s 2017 or 1817,” says Emicida. “You see an evolution here, but on the other hand you see a lot of kicking going on.”

Written by Emicida and Miguel, in partnership with DJ Duh and producer Dudu Marote, the song arrives accompanied by a music video directed by Fred Ouro Preto.

“We made some tracks… and the opportunity arose to do something with Miguel and we asked him what he thought. He said ‘I’m ready’. I like this in the gringos. All the gringos that I’ve worked with up to today have been like that, there’s no messing around, you’re connected. The collaboration with Beatnick and K-SALAAM was the same thing. [So] I recorded my part, we made the beats, me, Dj Duh and Dudu Marote [and] we sent it to him, and he recorded his vocals there. Then we made the final version here. While producing the song, I was already writing the script for the music video [and] had called [the director] Fred Ouro Preto. I said, ‘Man, it has to be like this.’ I want this song to get into the hearts of people. And it was beautiful. Everything [was] perfect.”

On November 20th (day of Black Consciousness in Brazil), Emicida will record his first DVD. It is scheduled to be released in 2018 and will celebrate 10 years of “Triunfo”, one of the songs that strengthened the Brazilian rapper’s career.

“The DVD will be a time to celebrate all of this, because there are not many artists, especially rap artists, who have such a great history, both in music and in entrepreneurship. So, we have to go and shout to Brazil that it exists here and it is real.”

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