Marcius Fabiani

EXCLUSIVE: Kelton – Distraído Concentrado (Album Stream)

By 05 October, 2015

Kelton is one of the leading lights of Brasília’s independent music scene, a singer-songwriter who makes refreshingly-delicate indie pop. Distraído Concentrado is his latest album, and the perfect showcase for his abilities, ranging from the beatific acoustic balladry of opening track “Descalço” to the bluesy shuffle of “Erro ou Confusão” or the sensuous slow-moving electro-pop on “Nessa Vida”.

The main characteristics are a light production, simple yet perfectly rounded melodies and a knack for fleshing out each song with subtle instrumental additions. This is fine Brazilian indie pop music that will appeal to fans of Rodrigo Amarante, Marcelo Camelo, Cícero and Mallu Magalhães.

Distraído Concentrado is the third release from Kelton, following 2013’s Manhã and 2014’s Todo Amor do Mundo. Listen to the album in full below:


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