EXCLUSIVE: New Release from Cerrero feat. Coladera, Longs for Contact Amidst Pandemic

By 24 April, 2020

Times are undeniably strange. As if we needed reminding.

Yet, when it is done with the subtlety and guile of the latest release from Cerrero, featuring Brazilian duo Coladera, we mightn’t be so adverse to hearing about it all over again.

The stripped-back “Sutileza”, places the delicate and alluring voice of Vitor Santana over the wistfully plucked guitar of Coladera’s João Pires. The synchronic percussion provided by Canalón de Timbiqui’s ryhthm section sits underneath it all.

In a yearn for soothing contact, this occasionally-sombre lullaby reflects upon the tense calm and distress experienced amidst the pandemic.

B-Side, “Sutileza – Version de Alborada’ (Dawn Version)”, sees Cerrero channel the original’s traditional sound through his own unique and now recognisable approach of dub and atmospheric minimalism. An enchanting compliment that lulls through its progression and perfectly flavours the first. It pulls to the fore central elements of the original and entwines tribalistic lapses and wandering daydreams before closing on the weighty, looping words “susurrame al oído” (whisper into my ear) for a pensive finale.

Strange times indeed. When they’re captured with quite the harmonious diligence that this talented combo of artistry has managed for us here, though, we mightn’t be so adverse to hearing the soundtrack when it comes out.

Support independent labels/artists in these times and head over to Bandcamp to hear both versions of the track now

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