Gop Tun’s Latest Volume of V.acina is Raising Funds for Musicians

By 24 August, 2020

With the clock running and the world standing by, we are able to see the people who are the least protected by the system, with artists one of the most clearly visible victims of societal problems. This isn’t anything new, but merely an eye-opener for the daily realities of cultural development, where joining forces in self-management has always been a key factor in organising creative projects.

Thankfully, labels and platforms have stepped up to help artists, as much as they can, to get through it. One of Brazil’s most interesting labels of electronic dance music is Gop Tun, who continue to showcase some of the best club joints to cheer us up, and raise funds for producers at the same time.

On their latest collection, V​​.​​Acina vol​​.​​2, familiar names like Carrot Green, Luisa Puterman and Davis pop-up, side by side, with a bunch of very exciting new, or lesser known, names like Tha_guts or the Paloma duo (a new project by Gabto & Ccccchaves). The album gives us a panoramic view of the clubbing scene, which is now on hold, in the resilient country of Brazil. We hope they can dance along with their friends some time soon.

V​​.​​Acina vol​​.​​2 is available from GVA003 | V​.​Acina vol​.​2 by Vários Artistas

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