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By 22 March, 2024

MNTH is musician and producer Luciano Valério, co-founder of underground São Paulo record label Desmonta, home to riveting releases by Kiko Dinucci, Metá-Metá, Psilosamples, and M. Takara, amongst others. 

Sounds and Colours are pleased as punch to premiere his new single “Inclinação ao Silêncio” (Inclination to Silence) which will be followed by the new album Lume Púrpuro, released by Desmonta on April 5th, 2024. The album features collaborations with Mauricio Takara (drums and percussion), Lello Bezerra (guitar), Marco Nalesso (viola), Carla Boregas (organ), Rogério Martins (percussion) and Rodrigo Hara (bass).  The video for “Inclinação ao Silêncio” was directed by Douglas Leal of Deafkids.

We spoke to MNTH about the new releases.

On making the album and its inspirations:

“The idea for this album came during the period of social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic… I remember that, at one point, I decided to turn on several machines at the same time and experiment with them while leaving an 8-channel recorder on…[and] some ideas converged. I managed to gather some friends at Estúdio Salinha, in São Paulo, and we finished the recordings in two days.

“Finding inspiration in everyday life which brings us common everyday experiences can be a rich source of inspiration. Additionally, being surrounded by people who inspire me, who have different perspectives and life experiences, can be a valuable source of new ideas. Exchanging ideas and interacting with these people can open creative paths and solutions naturally and unconsciously.”

On the equipment used:

“For the electronics I used two synthesizers (Doepfer Dark Energy, Artura Microbrute), two electronic drums (Elektron machinedrum, Arturia Drum Brute), an SP404 sampler, a Yamaha Tenori-on and effects pedals. For the more organic layers, instruments such as drums, percussion, guitar, electric bass, viola and an organ were used.”

On the collaborators:

I chose these people as I had already worked with them on other musical projects. I invited Carla Boregas (from Rakta) and Lello Bezerra (sound artist and improviser) because I had long been interested in their sound and the unique approach that each of them has in deconstructing and manipulating sound. I admire the way they explore their instruments and machines in an innovative and creative way.”

On São Paulo:

I cannot say that São Paulo inspires me in a specific and deliberate way or in a single direction. My relationship with the city is marked by many conflicts and I question it all the time. It pulls me in different directions, constantly challenging me. So at the end of the day, it certainly influences me in a certain way.”

On future live shows:

“We still don’t have a defined schedule for live shows. However, I am open to new opportunities and waiting for invitations. I have been working with the production company Artéria Agency. You can get in touch via their Instagram profile (”

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