Rock In Rio (Day Two)

By 26 September, 2011

The second day at Rock In Rio had a pretty ropey bunch of headliners, Snow Patrol and Red Hot Chili Peppers anyone?, but some killer combos on the Palco Sunset stage. Mike Patton was the last man on the stage, finishing things off with his performance accompanied by Mondo Cane and Orquestra Sinfonica de Heliópolis:

But before that we had some amazing partnerships, including Tulipa Ruiz singing with Nação Zumbi:

Here’s another pic of Nação Zumbi – you can read the setlist if you’re interested:

Save the best til last though is my motto, though not the festival organisers as they decided to put an irresistible looking line-up of Marcelo Yuka, Cibelle, Karina Buhr and Amora Pêra, on first. Here’s the band in full:

[flashvideo file= /]

And here’s the band members. First, Marcelo in action:

And Cibelle with Amora Pêra:

And if all that wasn’t enough Karina Buhr sang too. She’s one of our favourites on Sounds and Colours, and here she is performing:

Check out Day One’s highlights here.

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