Rod Krieger: new single, new video, forthcoming film

By 22 May, 2024

Living in Portugal since 2019, Rod Krieger has got closer to works by Portuguese composers, making a deeper connection, for example, with Jorge Palma’s first albums. This small bond served as inspiration for the Brazilian singer to write his first composition in Lisbon: “Cai o Sol e Sobe a Lua” (“The Sun Falls and the Moon Rises”). Guided by space rock with electronic beats and psychedelic melodies, produced by the artist in his own studio, with the exception of João Mello’s flute, and the keys courtesy of João Nogueira, the music is inspired by the artist’s experience in the village of Sobral do Parelhão, located in the west of the country.

“I think that in this new phase I am writing in a more introspective way”, he says. “In a certain way, that somewhat bucolic life ended up characterizing the lyrics a little.”

This is almost a cover letter for Krieger’s next album, recorded between 2021 and 2023, which is scheduled for October 2024. “As this song is older, and when it was created there was no intention of recording an album, I made a few versions until reaching the final result”, he observes. “It ended up being a kind of laboratory for what would emerge, as if it were a matrix”. All in black and white, the video for “Cai o Sol e Sobe a Lua” is also directed by Rod Krieger.

Like this one, all tracks on the album will be accompanied by a video that together will form part of an experimental surrealist film starring and co-directed by Krieger, with cinematography by photographer Daryan Dornelles. “I was exploring new paths the entire time I was filming, and during editing I tried everything until I got it right,” he says about capturing the video. “As it was the first time that I ventured alone into this endeavour of filming, editing and directing, I let my creativity flow at the same time as I discovered the paths to be opened.”

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