Review Wallace Costa – Crossing Fields


Crossing Fields is the debut album from Brazilian singer/ songwriter Wallace Costa, on the Transfusão Noise Records label. As debut albums go, you’d be forgiven for letting Crossing Fields slip by as just another album from a new comer jumping on a new indie sound. A few listens though and you start to see a little more. What Costa is doing is certainly different (if not a little rough around the edges) to many of his mainstream peers.

That said, even after a few listens, there are no songs that jump out in particular. A 15-track album may be a little over ambitious for a newcomer, and with the exception of the fantastic first track “My Charm”, the songs quickly merge into one another. That said, the album works fantastically as a whole. Each song follows the previous, complimenting the mood and adding to the overall arching structure. From upbeat Indie beginnings, the album starts to take a brooding and surreal turn, with a heavy blues and rock influence. This dreamlike transition can give an amazing effect, but those unable to dedicate enough time for the entire album may be disappointed.

You can hear a lot of Velvet Underground in Crossing Fields, not only the songs, but also in Costa’s voice. The production is rough and ready, and very charming. There’s also a feel of Radiohead and Jeff Buckley in the album (though Costa sings in a far more natural range). This mixed with a little of Costa’s Brazilian roots gives a very interesting style, and one that will hopefully be developed further. Unfortunately Costa’s voice is left a little low in the mix. Vocals are nearly always double tracked, giving Costa a ‘far off sound’. In many cases this works very well, but at the end of the album you do feel like you haven’t learned much about him. The album feels a little guarded, but maybe confidence will come with later releases.

The album is good, and well worth a listen. Though this album definitely lacks something, Costa is someone to watch, and I have no doubt his next album is going to be something special; a little older and a little wiser. For now though, this album is simple and, at its heart, very honest, even if it is a little guarded.

You can download this album for free from Transfusão Noise Records

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