Watch Brazilian Illustrator Edson Ikê Create Unique Xilogravura Woodcut Prints [VIDEO]

By 24 August, 2015

The Brazilian art of xilogravura woodcut prints – seen widely in the north-east of the country on the literatura de cordel pamphlets full of poetry and made famous by artists like Gilvan Samico and J Borges – lives on with some of Brazil’s new generation of artists.

Edson Ikê is a Brazilian illustrator who worked with us on our Sounds and Colours Peru book, producing the “Rebelión Afro-Peruano” design below:

Highly-skilled in the art of xilogravura Edson has just posted a video showing the complete process of how his prints are made. And, best of all, he’s offering you all the opportunity to buy one of his limited-edition caixas (as seen in the video) with 15 of his xilogravura images, with Edson calling them “illustrations concerning the mythology and folk tales of Brazil, printed on special paper.”

If you’d like one just go toê-Ilustrador and send Edson a message. The caixa complete with 15 images will only cost 150 reais ($42 or £27) + postage.

Watch Edson in action below, and discover the Brazilian art of xilogravura:

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