Waxist Selecta’s Brazil Spins Vol 2

By 04 July, 2013

Mass  protests in Brazil and Chile over inherent social inequalities; Bolivian presidential planes being hijacked by subservient European governments; hidden microphones being discovered in Assange-sheltering, London-based Ecuadorean embassies; there’s a fair old political kerfuffle hovering around much of South America at the moment. It’s a good thing then that we’ve got this juicy new mixtape from Waxist Selecta.

As you will no doubt recall, Waxist has featured before in Sounds and Colours, and if you enjoyed it that time this will get you grinning from ear to ear. A disciple of the temple of rare groove, Waxist has again come up with the goods, sending us a new mix that brims with some very delectable old-skool funk and soul from Brazil.

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