‘Compañeras al Compás’: The Femenist Anthem of 2020 from Pascuala Ilabaca

By 03 April, 2020

Valparaíso-born Pascuala Ilbaca doesn’t hold back. 

When Chilean spokeswoman and journalist Pamela Contreras was assaulted following a day of tumultuous protests in the country at the start of the year, many were rocked. It marked another dark moment in Chile’s recent struggles, with the protests from 2019 having spilled over into the new year.

Amidst it all, Pascuala Ilbaca has taken the time to shed her own perspective on what has been happening. Reflecting on events, she has written a rapturous response to the situation.

Backed by a thunderous string quartet, Ilbaca’s “Compañeras al Compás”, may talk of struggles in Chile, but its themes could be applied far and wide, in what is a call to action in the fight for gender equality. The artist herself saying of the song:

“We women are always giving everything, and even so, feminist demands are moving very slowly. We need to give each other a lot of encouragement; songs, in return, contributing to this fight.”

Check out the powerful new video below.

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