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By 14 October, 2011

Kali Mutsa caused something of a storm with her song “Tunupa” earlier this year. As an introduction to an artist you couldn’t ask for a song with more intrigue, that would leave the listener with really no idea what could possibly follow it. What we did know of course about Kali Mutsa though was that this was a character invented by Chilean actress Celine Reymond that would be releasing an EP in October this year. That time has now come and we have an exclusive download of one of the tracks before the official release on Tuesday October 18th.

Kali Mutsa’s new EP Ambrolina contains seven tracks including debut single “Tunupa” and this little gem “Jauja”, which is an exclusive download on Sounds and Colours:


Download “Jauja”

Read our interview with Kali Mutsa below:

Do you see Kali Mutsa as a fictitious character or a reflection of yourself in some way?

It’s a reflection of myself totally, it’s like a spiritual grandmother that has seized me.

What is the inspiration for your sound?

All music that haunts me and makes me hallucinate and Sandoje [her producer partner] too. I really like the music from Bollywood movies, especially from the 50s to the 80s, the music of the highlands of my country with its bronces and panpipes and charango and melodies and lyrics that are very tender and essential and much more…

There are many different influences in his music, from Latin America to Asia to Europe and beyond. Is it fair to say that their musical tastes are varied?

Claro, in Chile are all mixed – in my case I have gypsy blood, obviously, but also Arabic and indigenous bloof from my country. Clearly Sandoje is European and half Amazonian so we are a pot pourri of blood and rhythm hahaha!

Has the music of Chile had a great impact on the music you make?

Clearly, as I said before highland music inspires me a lot because I also think that is a great match for the bronze gypsy, I like carnivals and religious celebrations. These are the expressions that I find most endearing.

What singers have had an influence on your style of singing?

I can say what inspires me, but don’t compare me to them because they are my idols. I like Mitsoura from Hungary and Esma Redzepova of Macedonia a lot and of course the singers from the soundtracks of Bollywood movies.

Can you tell us a little about your history before Kali Mutsa? You were obviously an actress but were you involved in other musical projects?

I have always been linked to music, and before becoming an actress I wanted to be an opera singer because I loved Maria Callas too, but this is my first musical project. Though in theatre school my exit exam was very musical. It was a musical comedy about a clown in an aristocratic family fallen on hard times and now devoted to coping through criminal means. I was given a very good mark.

Where are you from in Chile?

I am mixed with blood nortina but I have lived for a long time in Santiago.

Which musicians have you worked with on this release?

Sandoje Catiri – music producer, Matcho Mayta – clarinetist, Saray Tikuna – violist and violinist, Angel Calahumana – tuba, Daniel Villegas – bandoneon, Chalo Gonzales – incredible sound engineer, and Nacho Soto – sound engineer, both of Triana and great partners in this process.

Do you think now is a good time to be in Chile?

In Chile there are things happening, an infinite music scene and very varied. There is much to rescue culturally from our native people, to show the world our original way of looking at the world a little bit surreally.

Who are your musical idols?

I have many: Taraf de Haidouks, Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Fontaine, Esma Redzepova, Saban Bajramovic, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Ando Drom, Rita indiana y Sus Misterios, Die Antwoord, Juan Luis Guerra, Eva Ayllon, Chavela Vargas, Lila Downs, Los Beatles, Chabuca Granda, Maria Bethania, Cibelle, Bjork, Maria Callas, Rachmaninoff, Eric Satie, M.I.A, etc., etc.

What is the plan after the EP comes out?

Show our video for “Tunupa” that’s a gem and then start touring in Latin America where they invite us and want us hahahaha!

Kali Mutsa’s Ambrolina EP was released worldwide and digitally on Tuesday October 18th. You can buy the EP on iTunes

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