New Sounds of Chile #5

By 10 March, 2022

As last year ended with an intense flourish, and 2022 is just getting going with the Southern Hemisphere summer ready to go, this round-up takes a broad look at some late 2021 releases as well as the newest sounds in Chilean alternative music, passing through indie pop and mainstream urban, rap, electronic and dance music and everything else we all love from the southernmost tip of Latin America.

Urban icons like Young Cister and Harry Nach can be heard alongside indie projects like Chicarica and singer songwriter Benjamin Walker. Some regional names from beyond Santiago are featured too, with Lali De La Hoz and Nacho Latorre showing us that what comes out of the capital is not all that the country has to offer. As always we will continue to find those underrepresented gems, and shed light on unknown names that will open up the future of Chilean music.

Young Cister – LUV

Agata Prisma – Te Ví

Cabro Artico – Wa Ha Ha (Iden Kai Remix)

chicarica – diamantes (lorelei remix)

Mariana Montenegro – ¡No! ¡No! ¡No! (Dementira Remix)

Mariel Mariel & Lido Pimienta – De Los Límites

Lali De La Hoz ft. Luta Cruz – Abrázame

SAGREDO ft. C-Funk – Dame Un Beso

Nacho Latorre ft. DPlex – Tramadol

Benjamín Walker – Acapulco

Antonella Sigala – Si Tan Sólo

Cidtronyck – Con Lo Puesto (Instrumental)

RVYO ft. Lord Sucio Jonas Sanche & Antioch – La Crème

Irina Doom ft. DJ Jopsen – Criatura Feroz

Ochi – Re-Learn

Motivado – Córdoba

Diegors – Persa Bio Bio

Merci & Marco – Alameda 2030

MC Martinez & Alpha S – Desacato

Balbi El Chamako ft. Various Artists – Ponle Remix

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