Rubio Expresses her Sensational Edge on ‘Mango Negro’

By 16 December, 2021

There are few artists from all over the globe that, without question, leave a mark in every visual piece they release — one of these artists from Latin America is Chilean Fran Straube, also known as Rubio. Rubio is phenomenal. She has always caught our eye, even from the start as the vocalist and drummer in her previous project Miss Garrison. Now, solo since 2015, she continues to captivate, demonstrating raw emotions and notably pouring them onto every concept she releases. Such is the case with her latest video, “Mango Negro”, which was directed by Leo Medel. 

With her electronic vibrato on top of its taunting melody, “Mango Negro” is more evidence of her impeccable and individual artistry. In this provocative video, she plays with the phrase “forbidden fruit” showing explicit and sensational images of a woman’s body. Rubio is shown restlessly enthralled by the woman’s presence, and presumably every one of her moves. The video direction then plays with nudity, showing tasteful explicit images — yet not full on nudity — to show how Rubio is expressing her creative edge.

Needless to say, Rubio continues to do what she does best: sharing her rich, psychedelic and moving experimental music while pushing her creativity to the next level. She uses her visuals as a separate tool to engage her viewers into her subject matter — and continuously widens her fan base by being her authentic self. “Mango Negro” is not only part of, but also the title name of her latest album that she released last year. Mango Negro includes tracks such as “La Pérdida,” “Nudo,” and “IR.” 

As one of Chile’s most proud and modern musical gems, Rubio was recently confirmed to be playing at Chile’s Lollapalooza in 2022 at Parque Bicentenario de Cerrillos, alongside heavyweight headliners Foo Fighters, Miley Cyrus and The Strokes. We can’t wait to see what Rubio creates leading up to it!

“Mango Negro” is out now. Click the photo below to watch the video on YouTube (embeds are disabled due to age restrictions)

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