Street Art in Santiago

By 07 August, 2011

Santiago has some of the most vibrant street art in Latin America. The city, as well as Valparaiso on the coast, have made Chile synonymous with top quality grafitti and street art. This article is a short visual trip through a few of Santiago’s street artists, as well as those visiting the city.


See more from Yisa at

Basco aka Vazko

You can see more from Basco at his blog and brand new website where you also will get to enjoy his other works in illustration, photography, design and the melding of all of these.

Michael Yaiquel

Check out more grafitti as well as paintings and illustration from Michael Yaiquel at


More from Maher at

We would also recommend checking out the Santiago Under Crew, as well as magazines/blogs such as Joia Magazine, Artishock and Satellite Voices to get a wider view of the Santiago street art scene.

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