Top 10 Contemporary Chilean Rap Classics

By 03 December, 2014

David Bugueño is a designer and music obsessive from Santiago, Chile. He’s also one of the guys behind the incredible record label, Sello Regional, responsible for putting out some of the finest electronic music being made in Latin America. Recently when S&C spoke to David the conversation turned to rap, one of his musical obsessions, and so we asked David to pick out 10 of his favourite Chilean rap tracks. Without further ado, here are the 10 tracks that David chose, with emphasis on albums released in the last five years (2009-2014):

Bronko Yotte ft Emone Skillz “Tan Solo Inspira” (2013)
Highlighted as one of the best independent music albums of 2013. Con Eso Te Digo Todo, released by Dilema Industria, features artists like Seo2 (Makiza), DJ Dacel (FDA) and DJ Pérez, making this one of Bronko Yotte’s finest works to date.

Sabotage “A Tu Rap Extraño” (2014)
Sabotage features members from Excelencia Prehispana and Movimiento Original, so even if their first EP is from 2013, they got the credibility of years in the rap game. “A Tu Rap Extraño” is the teaser to their first full length album, dropping by the end of this year.

Jonas Sanche & Hordatoj feat DJ Mataskaupas “Be Proud” (2013)
“Be Proud” is a design project looking to represent the boroughs of Santiago, bringing them streetwear like caps and t-shirts. This is the first, but certainly not the last, musical clash between Jonas Sanche and frequent Ana Tijoux colaborator Hordatoj.

Mente Sabia Cru feat Jamez Manuel “Se Llama Plata” (2012)
Moving through the underground since 1999, Mente Sabia Cru have kept going by releasing demos, side projects and through solo efforts by their members. Their strongest release as a crew is Jardin Del Sotano, whose track “Se Llama Plata” features Jamez Manuel from Zonora Point.
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Brous One feat Bufalo Dit & DJ GSO “Aférrate” (2014)
One of the few albums with Chilean rap that you can grab on vinyl. Beatmaker Brous One moved from Santiago to Saarbrücken, so Beats, Beers & BBQ is an international affair with rappers from Germany to Chile and even colaborations by Prince Po and Declaime.

Gen feat Motivado & Geoslide “Juego” (2009)
Dilema Industria is the key to experimental rap from Santiago. Being MC in FDA alongside Koala Contreras (Como Asesinar A Felipes), Gen knows how to spit deep lyrics on top of production by the now iconic Geoslide (R.I.P.) and Motivado from Discos Pegaos label.

Derechos Reservados feat Frainstrumentos “Libre” (2011)
Derechos Reservados is a project joining Matiah Chinasky (Mente Sabia Cru) and Mantoi on rhymes with Fenbeats on the production skills. “Libre” features a beat by Frainstrumentos, respected beatmaker with mixtapes like “Respira” (2008) and “Canajazz” (2011).
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Pedrito Mugre “Martes 13” (2014)
Starting from a different perspective, Pedrito Mugre draws inspiration from classic boom bap of 90s old school rap. This comes in handy when you think of the concept for the release, the first rap EP by the experimental beats label, Future Frequencies.

Ender feat Monge “Juan Pinto Paredes” (2013)
In Chile, underground rap is “really” underground. So when you think of the people involved in the movement, the majority of the audiences and performers are from the working class boroughs. Pedro Aguirre Cerda is one of those boroughs and Ender represents it.
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Portavoz feat Stailok “Otro Chile” (2012)
Member of Salvaje Decibel, Portavoz is the political voice of rap. Escribo Rap Con R De Revolución was one of the best rap albums of 2012, taking him to the spotlight. He was part of the Lollapalooza Chile 2014 line-up, reviving the old Chilean rap discussion, “should it reach a larger audience or stay where it is on the streets?”

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