Cerrero and El Leon Pardo Team Up for Deep Gaita-Driven ‘Canción Para Un Amigo’

By 21 August, 2020

Back in 2017, Colombian roots label Llorona Records brought us the magical blend of dub and gaita. A feast for the lugholes that we’ve been dining out on ever since. Fast-forward four years and once again we’re treated to a rather special gaita themed combo from the label.

This time, it’s Llorona’s in-house act, Cerrero, teaming up with another Colombian, gaitero and trompetista, El Leon Pardo. The enigmatic and cult like figure has featured on many-a-Colombian record in recent years, including, Ondatropica and Velandia y La Tigra. Though this might be one of the most exciting match-ups yet. Cerrero’s minimalistic electronic beats channeled through an analogue console alongside the abraded howls of gaita and accentuated trumpet work.

The deep and bassy four-track EP, Canción Para Un Amigo, was justly named to mark the meeting of these two brilliant minds. Mixed in the extemporaneous ambience of a live recorded session, it makes for a riveting listen. Four standalone tracks, bound through crescendoing loops which culminate in an ethereal and atmospheric ritual of sound which evokes Colombian ancestry.

From the spellbinding opening of gaita-led “Canción Para Un Amigo”, the EP evolves through “Todo Te Llevaste”, a track skillfully stitched between its vocal interludes by the rat-a-tat of accented tambor, a fanfare of trumpets and underpinning bass line. Closing out via “Cumbia en Lejanía”’s, gaita / trumpet led interplay into “Despedida”, a pining jazz melody soaked in reverb, it’s as complete of a work we’ve heard yet from Cerrero, and represents another glistening gem in the ever increasing bows of the Llorona catalogue. Inescapably mesmeric as it is a true delight.

Out today across digital platforms readers head over to Llorona Records’ Bandcamp where you will be able to buy this track and support a true modern linchpin of independent Colombian music. God knows, we need more like them right now.

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