Colombia Calling Raising Money for Print Magazine on Colombian Arts, Culture and Politics

By 29 June, 2016

Colombia Calling, a Colombia-based podcast who have been producing high-quality, unbiased coverage of Colombian politics, culture and travel via a weekly podcast, have recently launched a campaign to raise money for a print magazine that will mirror the podcast content, offering in-depth, up-to-date, accurate information on what’s happening in Colombia. The project is being run by Colombia Calling’s Richard MacColl. Here’s how he describes the genesis and idea for the project:

For some time now I have been thinking of how to increase the awareness of the Colombia Calling brand, how to thank my listeners and at the same time pay due respects to longform and quality journalism about Colombia. For a complex and misunderstood country such as Colombia, accurate and quality writing is required.

The answer, after careful consultation with various parties, was to create an annual magazine dedicated to art, culture, news, photography and what is going on in Colombia. It will be in English as Colombia Calling is in English but the idea is that Colombia wins, in providing the lens for great reportage about the country.

Colombia Calling magazine is destined to be a beautifully produced guide to contemporary Colombia. This 80 page magazine will introduce the reader to some of a new and exciting cadre of unknown writers/journalists/photographers and artists plying their trade here in Colombia.

To raise money for printing the magazine, and for paying all the journalists and writers, Colombia Calling are raising funds via Indiegogo, offering perks such as t-shirts as well as copies of the magazine in both physical and digital formats.

If you would like to contribute to the campaign, or find out more information about it, go to

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