Colombian Rhythmns Go Global

By 11 June, 2015

Colombian Loops is an app, an online store and a digital platform designed to allow people from all over the world to access and use ‘Colombian virtual instruments, rhythmns and pre-mixed tracks’. Created by Poliedro, an award winning creative technology agency from Bogotá, the project aims to create a global community of Colombian mixers and to promote the use of Colombian rhythms in music across the world.

The app gives users access to a sound library which contains around 180 loops, and allows them to to mix the different rhythms such as cumbia, vallenato, porro and bullerengue into their own 40-second long creations. The online store offers loops, tracks and instruments such as the gaita and the marimba which producers and DJs can use to add some ‘sabor colombiano’ to their music, recorded by the likes of Ivan Benavides, Ernesto Santos, Mayte Montero and Papa Pastor. Users can share and borrow their mixes and creations with other Colombian Loops users, creating a ‘worldwide network’ and making the impact of Colombian music stretch further across the globe.

With the increasing globalisation of all products and cultural elements, Colombian Loops is an interesting response to the digitalisation and globalisation of music. By promoting and providing these rhythms, the project gives ‘intact examples of Colombian culture’, but allows them to develop with other contemporary styles and genres worldwide. Instead of attempting to isolate and preserve the country’s cultural heritage, Colombian Loops promotes and mixes traditional music; adapting and presenting it in a new way for the digital age.

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