Get To Know Colombia’s Different Regions With These Official (But Good) Music Videos

By 18 October, 2018

To be honest the idea of Colombia’s tourism gathering together a selection of musicians to promote the country’s diverse regions sounds like a really bad idea. So often, the institutions are woefully out of the loop, hence we were expecting a collection of tracks featuring Carlos Vives, Shakira wannabes and plenty of reggaeton lite.

It was to our surprise then that Colombia Travel have brought together 13 collaborative tracks featuring some of our favourite Colombian artists, and that even has a few surprises, such as Cholo Valderrama’s deep bassy take on the music of the llanos orientales. Other artists to feature include La Mambanegra, Elkin Robinson, Puerto Candelaria, Mr Black, Herencia de Timbiqui, Maria Mulata and Juventino Ojito y su Son Mocaná on a trip around 11 of the country’s unique regions, along with 2 versions of “Sabrosura”, a track that celebrates Colombia as a whole, using Colombia Travel’s slogan of “Land of Sabrosura” (Land of Flavour) as its mantra.

You can check out all of the tracks, as well as the very touristic videos that accompany them, below:

Sebastián Yatra, Piso 21, Maía, Martina La Peligrosa, Herencia de Timbiquí and Irie Kingz – Sabrosura (English Version)

Santa Marta
Ghetto Kumbé & Eka – El Alma del Mundo

Llanos Orientales
Cholo Valderrama – Inmensa Llanura

Juan Pablo Vega and María Mulata – Amazonas: Los Cantos del Agua

Juventino Ojito y su Son Mocaná & Linica – Vida Hay una Sola

Yuri Buenaventura & La Mambanegra – Cali es Sabrosura

Niños De La Fundación Cultural Sendero De Acordeones – Yo Me Voy pa’la Guajira

Pacífico Colombiano
Herencia de Timbiquí – Corazón Pacífico

San Andrés y Providencia
Elkin Robinson & Alkilados – Feeling Happy

Paisaje Cultural Cafetero
Maia and Irie Kingz – Fly Away

Martina La Peligrosa & Mr. Black – Yo me voy a Cartagena

Puerto Candelaria – Una Eterna Primavera

Sebastián Yatra, Piso 21, Maia, Martina La Peligrosa, Herencia De Timbiquí and Alexis Play – Sabrosura (Spanish Version)

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