Help Colombia’s Female Peace Activists Amplify Their Voice

By 29 January, 2020

A new project aims to spotlight the work of Mujeres Espejo, a grassroots organisation based in Cartagena, where over 50 local women use the arts as a way of healing the wounds of conflict and of gender-related trauma. Women Waging Peace will take the form of a workshop, in which skills will be transferred to the members of Mujeres Espejo, and a documentary, made with and featuring the women. The aim is both to teach the collective new tools, to amplify their work to an international audience, and thus give their voice even greater impact.

Though the Colombian government signed a peace deal in 2016, this is only one step to a peaceful Colombia. Gender violence is still a major issue, and many people who suffered trauma as a result of the ongoing conflicts need to find healing from the process. This is where Mujeres Espejo, and by extension Women Waging Peace, come in. Watch the video below to find out more.

Women Waging Peace are currently raising funds via Crowdfunder to make this project a reality. Please visit their fundraiser to find out more about how you can help bring this project to life.

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