Jelly Jazz — Cumbias, Tamboreras y Paseaitos Mixtape

By 16 October, 2010

Jelly Jazz have been running clubnights in England since 1992, starting off with a mix of soul, funk and jazz before later bringing in more Latin sounds; Brazilian, Afro-Funk, cumbia and reggae. This is a mix of cumbias, tamboreras and paseaitos chosen by Glyn Griffiths, one half of the combo. Here’s Glyn to say a little about the mixtape, as well as his love of cumbia:

Cumbia and its many hybrids have been resurgent recently, apparently ready to square up to the upstart reggaeton, for an all out fight for total domination of latin America. And hardly surprising as salsa was a pretty recent invention from 70s New York and a marketing gimmick at that. In fact the much older Colombian cumbia and the multitude of other folkloric beats and dances originating in Africa have a strong claim to being the true musical heartbeat of Latin America.

I have Quantic to thank for bringing the older cumbia sounds from the 60s and 70s to my ears at our clubnight Jelly Jazz some years back. Thanks to a vinyl hunt across the Caribbean and some pretty hit and miss punts on ebay, I was able to start collecting the music. Initially preferring the urban big band sounds, I ended up developing a taste for the scratchy percussion and accordion workouts of the backwoods. Colombia is rumoured to have received its first accordions from German sailors bound for Argentina early last century. Since then it has become something of a national emblem. It’s all represented here in this mix. From the mighty Discos Fuentes and Zeida labels of Colombia, to Sono Radio, Odeon, Discos Velvet and Discos Imperial from Peru, and from RCA Venezuela, to Phillips in Chile. You’ll hear the sounds of Anibal Velasquez, Alejando Duran, Porfi Jimenez, Enrique Lynch y su Orquesta, Grupo Santa Fe, Climaco Sarmiento, Sonora Cordobesa and many more. Hope you enjoy it. Viva la cumbia.

  1. Los Corraleros – Cumbia Campesina
  2. Pedro Laza y su Pelayeros – Cumbia del Monte
  3. Los Alegres del Sinu – Cumbia Cereteana
  4. Climaco Sarmiento y su Orquesta – La Cigarra
  5. Los Corraleros – Juana Patino
  6. Unknown – Barranquillerita
  7. Porfi Jimenez – Yolanda
  8. Enrique Lynch y su Orquesta – Cumbia de Sal y Cumbia Cienaguera
  9. Carmen Rivera y su Conjunto – El Pescador
  10. Anibal Velasquez – El Aguacero
  11. Mario Cavagnaro y su Sonora Sensacion – El Pompo
  12. Anibal Velasquez – Tu amor no es fijo
  13. Sonora Cordobesa – La Rasquinosa
  14. Anibal Velasquez – Lamento Tropical
  15. Los Corraleros – Lamento Cumbiambero
  16. Enrique Lynch y su Orquesta – La Banda esta Borracha
  17. Carmen Rivera y su Conjunto – Cumbia de la Media Noche
  18. Enrique Lynch y su Orquesta – La Negra Celina
  19. Manolo Avalos ys su Orquesta – Yolanda
  20. Joey Pastrani – Quitate la Campana Juana
  21. Alejandro Duran – Me Quede Llorando
  22. Carlos Pickling – Silbando
  23. Los Corraleros – El Parrandero
  24. Los Teenagers – En la Ola

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