Las Azarosas – Colombian Party People Mixtape

By 29 June, 2011

It seems Colombia is where the party is at. After featuring a couple of mixes of Colombian mixes only a few weeks ago we already have a new one for you, with this one being a very special collaboration between Isa GT and Lido Pimienta, two of the finest Colombian DJs/producers around.

For this mix Isa and Lido, known collectively as Las Azarosas, sent the word out to the artists in Colombia for some fresh sounds. The response was pretty impressive. After adding a few from their own collection they were left with this mixtape, essentially one of the most accurate documents of the Colombian music scene as well as a treasure trove of summer grooves.

This mix is part of a series we are doing in collaboration with JungleDrums. Today they posted an amazing mix of new Argentine-flavoured electro and tropical bass tunes from Un Mono Azul. That mix is called Argentunes and you can listen to it here.

Download Las Azarosas – Colombian Party People here.

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