On Display in NYC: ‘A Place For Us’ by Iván Argote

By 28 July, 2021

(h/t Daniel Felsenthal for The Village Voice)

Colombian artist Iván Argote’s A Place for Us is on display at the Perrotin Gallery in Manhattan’s lower east side through the 13th of August.

Writes Felsenthal:

“In A Place For Us, his exhibition at the Perrotin Gallery on the Lower East Side, Argote covers generic shapes of an obelisk, bust, and column with mirrored panels, as though to proffer that future memorials should be reflections of their immediate surroundings. In Bondage, a series of oil paintings on slabs of concrete, he shows how the construction gear worn by the statues during their dislocation made them look like submissives in a BDSM scene. We can only wonder what General Lee’s safewords might be — I surrender?

“The 37-year-old artist isn’t joking about history, but instead proposing that playfulness and intimacy might be ingredients in a complicated antidote. Born in Colombia and based in Paris, Argote has been making work about monuments for approximately a decade, although he began his career as a prank artist.”

Read the rest in The Village Voice.

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