Review Palenque La Papayera – Ramón En Palenque


Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Palenque La Papayera’s new album Ramon en Palenque offers a colourful, playful and beautifully composed edge to add to the Colombian diaspora music scene. Playing Colombian Caribbean folkloric sounds such as puya, cumbia, porro and fandango, Palenque La Papayera emphasize the diversity in their sounds and history.

The word, Palenque, stems from the city in Colombia that escaped slaves formed hundreds of years ago. Music like cumbia and puya draws heavily from Afro-Colombian sounds and rhythms telling stories of suffering, enjoyment and culture. Lyrics of the songs like “La Cumbia del Negro” and “Mapale de Ramon” are odes to Palenque and the direct influence of Afro-Colombian culture and rhythms. Personally I love the way La Papayera use the clarinet.

Palenque la Papayera were born in 2005 of mostly Colombian musicians based in Switzerland. These trained musicians in folklore, classical and jazz blend beautiful sounds on Ramon En Palenque that make you feel close to Colombia’s Caribbean heat with their papayera (i.e. party-band) feel with brass instruments and percussion. Pair this album this upcoming Colombian independence day with some empanadas, arepas and refajo with your friends!

Ramón En Palenque is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US and iTunes

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