Palo E’ Mango Mix Bullerengue with Electronic Production On First Full Length

By 04 September, 2019

With Chilean producer Mr. Toé on their side, Palo ‘E Mango are a folk and electronics ensemble merging local Colombian talent and outstanding musicianship. They are here to shine the international spotlight on the traditional music of the Colombian Caribbean.

Colombian musicians Daudet Salgado, Joswel Hernández and Pedro Escudero Caicedo, and singers Neila Brun and Jorge Luis Pérez a.k.a. Zack Jones complete the pack, that has been releasing music since 2017. Now they come in full effect to release their debut album, with a sound that is tighter than ever.

Across eight tracks they showcase the feel good lyricism and simple yet virtuous sounds of a deep Afro-Colombian heritage, where you can spot champeta, vallenato and, of course, bullerengue elements combining to make songs that pop in your head and blow your hair like a fresh summer breeze.

A Mover Los Pies by Palo E’ Mango is out now on Bandcamp

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