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PREMIÈRE: Bolivia’s Coca Pickers at the Heart of New Krak In Dub Video Featuring La Perla and Troy Berkley

By 26 April, 2022

One of the highlights of Krak In Dub‘s 2021 album, Catleya (Bogota Sessions), now has a music video. “Recógela”, a track featuring Colombia’s vocal trio La Perla and Bermudan singer Troy Berkley, has got even more continental with a video filmed in Bolivia showing the communities of coca leaf pickers and their participation in recent protests.

The video was made by Bolivian photographer and director Eduardo Inclan, who filmed in the Coscoma community of Los Yungas, as well as La Paz and the Tiwanaku archaeological site, with the aim of showing the harsh conditions for many campesinos in Latin America, their role in recent protests, as well as the ancestral importance of coca leaf for Bolivia’s indigenas.

“Recógela” features on Catleya (Bogota Sessions), a 2021 album from French producer Krak In Dub that was entirely recorded in Bogotá and saw him work with Absalon & Afropacifico, La Perla and other musicians from Bogotá’s scene. The album came out on Galletas Calientes Records.

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