PREMIÈRE: Cali’s La Mambanegra Release New Video/7″ of Break Salsa, ‘La Mamba Te Invita’

By 04 November, 2016

La Mambanegra don’t do things by halves. Their motto is clear, to get people dancing as quickly as possible, using their fiery mix of rap, funk and salsa – which they like to call break salsa. “La Mamba Te Invita”, which was one of the highlights of their recent EP, now has a video and has been released as a 7″ with “La Galeria” on the b-side.

Hailing from Cali, a hot-bed for salsa and Afro-Colombian music, the group are inspired by hard NYC salsa, with a dynamite horn section that ensures there’s rarely a moment to rest. The group’s energy is channeled through their frontman, Jacobo Vélez, whose direct rap-influenced delivery and inability to slow down, ensure they are a force to be reckoned with both on stage and on record.

The “La Mamba Te Invita” 7″ is available from

Check out the brand new video for “La Mamba Te Invita” below:

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