PREMIÈRE: Daniel Guaqueta “EMISORA” [Video]

By 26 August, 2015

There are undoubted echoes of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in the new video from Daniel Guaqueta, a singer/musician born in Mississippi but raised in Colombia. Inventive videos and electro-pop hooks have already become de rigueur for a new artist on the scene, with “EMISORA” offering the latest evidence.

When we asked Guaqueta his thoughts on the video he simply said: “‘EMISORA’ music video embodies the notion that your imagination can be your reality.” It’s a philosophy that also applies to the video, shot for $0 budget in a Mississippi film studio with Philip Scarborough on directorial duties. Though it’s Michael Jackson that seems an obvious reference to us, we’ve been told it’s actually been modelled after a Serge Gainsbourg video (which can’t be a bad thing).

“EMISORA” – which has also been released as an English-language version – will feature on Guaqueta’s upcoming debut EP, Saying Is Only Saying So Much, on September 15th. “Emisora” is available to download from iTunes, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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Check out “EMISORA” below:

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