Turning Beauty On Its Head with Salt Cathedral’s New Single

By 28 April, 2020

If you are looking for a new addition to your ‘lockdown’ playlist, then I seriously recommend adding this breezy new track from Colombian electro duo Salt Cathedral.

This NYC-based pair, Nico and Juli are both originally from Bogotá, have a style that’s a mix of electro beats, Caribbean influences and vocals that will float through your earlobes as you press repeat to take another listen of their latest single, “How Beautiful (she is)”. There is something both hypnotic and kind of ethereal about Salt Cathedral, which keeps you coming back for more, its electro with a pop makeover. Not to mention, with Berklee Music College backgrounds, this duo have created their own flow that cuts through the Latin-electro market.

Inspired by “The Girl from Ipanema” this single turns everything that society drills into us about beauty on its head. Think attitude-laden lyrics, an insistent baile funk baseline and two unique guests: MC Bin Laden from São Paulo and local NY artist duendita from Queens, to back a truly global punch. You have to check out the video too, it’s a super cool mix of vibrant colours, serious shape throwing and infectious dancing – not to mention, it looks like Salt Cathedral had some fun filming a simple but impactful concept and that’s the hippest, shiniest mannequin that I have ever seen!

Fair to say I’m anxiously awaiting the release of their debut album Carisma on Ultra in May, to get a serious dose of spring-laden, infectious sounds.

“How Beautiful (she is)” is available from ffm.to/howbeautiful

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