On Our Radar: New Tunes by Nino Augustine and Lester Rey & a New EP by El Individuo

By 06 January, 2021

New year, new energy. At least we hope so. Some of our old and new friends have new music we’re sharing to kick off your new year.

Nino Augustine (Panama/ATL) and Lester Rey (Puerto Rico/CHI): ‘De Paseo A La Luna’

Discos Peligrosa founder Orión Garcia describes this new track by Nino Augustine and Lester Rey as “afro-Latin fusion meets R&B/soul with Caribbean and jazz vibes.” All are things we like. And its lyric video is cosmic. Watch below.

El Individuo (Cuba) drops new EP: ‘2020 Escribo’

Rafael Bou Lemus, better known as El Individuo, has a new EP: 2020 Escribo, a meditation on last year from Cuba’s most populated neighborhood, Diez de Octubre, Havana. The EP pulls together Cuba’s jazz and timba influences with trap, dancehall, drill and Brazilian funk. Released by Chief Boima’s INTL BLK label, 2020 Escribo fulfils the mission to celebrate black diversity in different communities around the African archipelago.

The EP is a beautifully profound reflection on how the damage that we do to nature is actually the harm that we do to ourselves. Listen to El Individuo’s poetic track below.

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