Hunters Of The Alps’ New EP ‘Today, Mañana’ Serves As A Bittersweet Closure

By 09 June, 2022

The Peruvian Miami-based indie-alternative artist Hunters of the Alps, also known as Mario Giancarlo Garibaldi, has released his newest musical project: an emotional and nostalgic bilingual six-track EP entitled Today, Mañana.

Starting off with “Miedo,” Garibaldi introduces us to his rich baritone-like vocals that sing about the fear of being too emotionally open, on top of a melody that highlights instruments like the charango and sax. With “Tormenta” he gives us a powerful taste of synthesizers, incorporating shoegaze to his crooning voice. Following this track is “Cul De Sac,” a dreamy, love song that sends you to an almost euphoric state of mind, reminiscing a past – or unrequited – lover (the title translates to “dead end”). Then comes “Tatuada”, self-described as “tropical bachata,” which sees him sing about wearing his history on his sleeve.

Towards the end of the calm EP, we listen to a bossa nova-inspired version of “Costumbres,” a completely reimagined cover of the iconic original song by Juan Gabriel that was recorded in 1984. The closing track “Moment for Forgiveness” ends the EP on a more tropical note, serving as bittersweet closure to an ex-lover that he presumably once dedicated all these tracks to.

“The EP thematically travels along where anxiety, fear [and] insecurities meet possibility,” Garibaldi explained in a press release. “These six songs lean on nostalgia and a certain new wave, but they all stand out on their own as branches from a tree.” Furthermore, he explains that its aim is to “create a [new] starting point” for the musician.

Through nostalgic and tranquil arrangements accompanied by deep lyrics, it’s clear that Garibaldi has expressed these themes well. In fact, one thing that Garibaldi communicates to us with this EP it’s that it’s okay to move on while still loving an ex-partner and embracing shared memories. However, also based on his lyrics, it’s equally important to recognize when it’s time to let the past go too.

Listen to Today, Mañana below:

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