Bial Hclap Widens Global Bass Palette On Latest EP

By 24 July, 2019

An important name in the underground hip-hop and cumbia scenes of Guadalajara, Mexico, Bial Hclap has proven himself to be a producer with an astounding work ethic, and with each release, he’s also showing a restless attitude to making music, bringing new influences to bear as his music evolves.

On his latest EP, Sierra Madre, he moves away from the eclectic urban sounds he’d previously worked with (cumbia rhythms, dubstep accents, hip-hop beats, rap collabs) for a sound closer to the Andean electro sound that’s been buzzing around Latin America for the past few years. By bringing in more Mexican flavours he’s also shown new directions on that front. The muted beat of “Tus Ojos Tranquilos” with its simple guitar-led melody and tasteful percussion is a case in point, seeing Bial Hclap’s head turn away from the city for a more beatific, nature-orientated sound. Yet, he’s still always got one eye on the club, as “Las Lunas” with its mariachi guitar and driving rhythm, or the slow yet complex blustering beat of “Fuerza” can attest.

On “Himno Solar” we hear some influences potentially garnered from Bial Hclap’s recent DJ tours around North America, Latin America and Europe, where the global bass community has been paying its dues to Andean heritage. Bial Hclap doffs his cap with flutes and a lute-like string instrument. The best track though is perhaps the title track, uniting marimba melodies and descending mariachi strums for a unique Mexican/wider Latin sound which proves itself undeniably catchy.

Sierra Madre is released by Handiclap Records and available from digital platforms.

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