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Maxx Gallo Switches from Trap to 3Ball in New Video ‘Puré de Papa’

By 14 April, 2020

Maxx Gallo is a Mexican-American artist with a strong neo-perreo vibe. Originally from Los Angeles with his parent’s roots in Colotlán, Mexico, he has since returned to Mexico himself, based out of Monterrey. This cultural mix is impossible to ignore in his music.

With the help of Toy Selectah, he has created a new fusion that moves away from the rest of the Latin urban scene. This was showcased on 2017’s Gallote EP, released on Worldwide Records, where he mixed 3Ball instrumentals with trap or rap-like flow and rhymes.

This sound continues on his latest track, “Puré de Papa”, with a pleading trap beat that switches to 3Ball. Produced by Gallo with assistance from Toy Selectah, the lyrics have a Spanglish trapper flow with references to Mexican food and an ego-trip wave. The video was filmed at Parque Vista Hermosa, Monterrey, a park where Gallo sometimes plays football with his homeboys. It captures his energetic live performances, filled with dark vibes, a splash of love and an up-tempo feel. It was directed by Rulo G. Romero. It follows a string of well-received singles, also on Worldwide, like “El Quicky” and “Malo”.

“Puré de Papa [Live Session]” is released by Worldwide Records

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