PREMIÈRE: Mexican Institute of Sound and La Perla Search for ‘The Antidote’

By 28 January, 2021

Mexican Institute of Sound‘s Camilo Lara dials up one of his most haunting rhythms, a lurching yet frenzied beat clearly influenced by Mexico’s sonidero culture. Luckily, Colombia’s La Perla are at hand to ensure things don’t get too out of hand with their harmonies adding a spiritual née magical element to this search for “El Antidoto”.

Discussing the role of La Perla in the song, Lara tells us:

“Diana Sanmiguel raps as though she had the antidote in her. She is powerful and smart. I like to think of cumbia as a healing element. Together like at a ‘sonidero’ dance party, dancing to one rhythm. Looking for the antidote.”

The video clearly plays off the freaky nature of the track, with Lara as shaman and the members of La Perla deity-like figures (though of the malevolent variety). Filmed in Mexico City during the pandemic we have reliably been told that all necessary precautions were taken during the shoot. Here’s Lara once again to fill us in on the concept for the video:

“The video for the song takes us back to other times, to dance rituals, smoke, fire, masks, magical and mystical elements that incite the wild dance, the primal dance that in the end almost without knowing functions as an antidote keeping away evil spirits.”

“El Antidoto”, which surprisingly, given its title, was recorded pre-pandemic, will feature on Mexican Institute of Sound’s upcoming new album, D.F., set to be released on February 5th. The album is a love letter to Mexico City, where Camilo Lara was born and raised, and sees himcollaborate with Dan The Automator (Gorillaz), Sergio Mendoza, Duckwrth, Cuco, and Blur’s Graham Coxon on the previously-released single, “My America Is Not Your America”, a fierce critique of the US’ migrant policies.

“El Antidoto” will be released on January 29th

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