Sounds of Mexico #3

By 20 January, 2021

A new year begins, full of music and with everything we learnt in 2020, I think we can get a lot out of it. Mexican artists don’t stop and in this edition I will show a more urban side, with hip-hop, Latin pop and cumbia from a variety of artists.

In this second edition you can listen to music from La Garfield, Los Aguas Aguas, Santa Fe Klan, Boca Floja, Flor Rámirez, Maena, Renee, Leiden, Jesus Tomed, Sebastian Urdiales, Fabi Loredo, Yoss Bones and L3on.

La Garfield

Directly from Guadalajara, I present to you La Garfield, a group that in a very short time has achieved what few have, to position itself at a national level and to begin developing an international career, supported by thousands of fans who sing and dance each of their songs. On this occasion we are delighted with “Tu No Sabes Querer”, a cumbia that reflects the love life of an adolescent, reflected in a typical Mexican-style XV party [quinceañera] that lets us see another face beyond the tropical pop that characterizes this group.

Santa Fe Klan

Recalling the sounds of cumbia rebajada, a musical sub-genre derived from Colombian and Mexican cumbia that emerged in the city of Monterrey, northern Mexico, Santa Fe Klan, with over 92m plays on Spotify, has stood out for his hip-hop and rap tracks. “Soledad”, produced by renowned Mexican producer Toy Selectah, shows us a warm and urban sound with folkloric hints and, in the form of a mantra, us a message of disaffection very much in the style of the north.

Flor Ramirez

Collaborations between men are many, but among women they are limited. That is why the singer-songwriter Flor Ramírez, originally from Veracruz, took on the task of uniting the talent of three artists: Leiden, Renee and Maena. “Me Desenamoré” is an exquisite, contemporary and evolutionary fusion, that combines elements of son jarocho, like the donkey jawbone instrument and harp, with beats and a deep message of disaffection.

Los Aguas Aguas

Together for more than 20 years, Los Aguas Aguas from Xalapa, Veracruz, bring a musical hymn of reflection and a message of union as a society to work in community. With Latin rhythms, jazz, harmonies and lyrics that speak to the heart, the group bring us a track that shows off the musical diversity and talent that exists in our country.


Canicular is the latest EP of renowned rapper Bocafloja, a poet with more than 20 years experience in the music industry. One of the outstanding themes of this great EP, is “Radar”. Lo-fi synths with a hip-hop and soul influence, create the base for a political discourse, full of metaphors and rich in language. Without a doubt he is a rapper who must be followed. I highly recommend this latest EP, that closed 2020.

If you’d like to send Mexican music for consideration in this playlist please send it to [email protected]

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