Sounds of Mexico #6

By 21 April, 2021

In this edition, the musical exploration of the bolero and its different facets coincide. In Mexico lately, there have been many artists returning to the sounds of years gone by, while still trying to retain a modern essence. This use of folkloric sounds is giving a fresh and innovative touch to the music that is currently being made, going from tropical rhythms to hip hop, reggae, experimental fusion, and Mexicanisms, which to me is the use of elements of Mexican music with modern mixes, beats and rhythms of the world, striving for that perfect blend.

In this edition I had a hard time deciding which of the selected tracks I would review, because all the material is interesting and deserves a detailed explanation. I invite you to let yourself be carried away by these 10 tracks that once again bring to light the musical quality of many Mexican projects. In this month’s selection you will be able to listen to music by Sebastian Romero, Girl Ultra, Los Aguas Aguas, Los Guanábana, Los Rumberos, Daniel me estás matando, Flor Ramírez, Greta, Naïa Valdez, Mon Laferte, Pahua, Jiony and Adrián Oropeza.

Sebastian Romero

The versatility of this Mexican singer-songwriter and his ability to compose at the speed of light, gives us the fortune of having a lot of very varied music that is little by little captivating global audiences. On this occasion “Me voy” takes up the sound of the bolero, a story of a break up and with Sebastian Romero’s distinctive voice giving it a nostalgic touch. This song is part of the album Por si no te vuelvo a ver, te quiero, an album recorded in 14 hours and broadcasted in real time on IGTV where his fans participated in the decision of the songs, and accompanied him in this creative process.

Girl Ultra

In a blanket of atmospheres and songs, “rosas (dímelo)” the new song by Mexican singer Mariana de Miguel, better known as Girl Ultra, explores organic sonorities with fusion of beats and strings, creating her characteristic Latin R&B sound, which turns it into a nostalgic and sad journey of love with the essence of a bolero, transmitting from the soul a feeling of the rejection. This is the first single from her next album, where she plans to experiment more with her voice, using trip-hop, house and Mexican sounds to offer a different side to her music.

Los Aguas Aguas

In the history of independent music from Veracruz, you can’t miss Los Aguas Aguas, who with their more than 20 years of making “tranquilo y tropical” music have reached every corner of the country, as well as Europe and a few other places. #mañana228 is their latest release, which includes a collaboration with local rappers Stilo and Bipo Montana. Musically there are elaborate brass arrangements with a touch of jazz, tropical rhythms and the use of iconic instruments from jarocha music, such as the jarana. If you are looking for a song to make you wake up happy and with an abundance of energy, this is the one.

Los Guanábana

“La muerte no baila sola” is a dark and melancholic instrumental reggae. After 10 years of restructuring, Los Guanábana return with a new line-up, featuring members of Los Tiernos, and a new EP Los Guanábana. The group can be characterised by their experimental sound, fusing mambo, calypso, ska, swing, blues, dub, and other forms of Afro music from across the Americas.

Los Rumberos

Based on a tropical rumba, the Mexicans Lito de la Isla and Paul Seffchovich present “Milagrito”, a song that goes through rumba, bolero and merengue, designed to make you stop wherever you are and start dancing. Ideal for a night-time rumba on the beach or a dance with your partner. The duo have been together for eight years, going from playing in the street to big theatres in Mexico, always growing in stature. They are currently working on a new album, which will be released in mid-2021.

If you’d like to send Mexican music for us to listen to, you can do so by sending a link of your music to [email protected]

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