Sounds of Mexico #9

By 02 September, 2021

The nostalgia of the 50s is present in 2021. The way artists are finding innovation is in the past, in mixing styles, in retro effects, in fusion at its best, in the music that sounds at every party, in the mix of folk with urban and electronic sounds.

In this edition I take a step through bedroom pop, in the voice of artists who are marking a before and after with their music so deep and unique. It’s a Mexico harking back to the danzón era, contemporary tropical sounds, current regional fusions, electronic music, hip hop and a lot of variety.

I invite you to listen to Pau Laggies, Silvana Estrada, Tania Matus, Suenatron, Bial Hclap, Nat Barrera, El David Aguilar, Caloncho, Daniel, me estás matando, Gabacho, Velo Vela, Old Vavve, Marissa Mur and Gepe.

Pau Laggies

Like a flash of a memory of high school in the 50s, Pau Laggies delights us with bedroom pop characteristic of this time with a theme of heartbreak. “¿Por qué me dejaste de querer” is that song that you sing to yourself with a nostalgia for past love and anger, with a thematic duality that means you can dedicate it to someone you love or someone who left you. A week after its release, people say they can’t stop singing it. With a penetrating and relaxed voice, this song has become the beginning of a successful odyssey for the young songwriter from Chihuahua who is beginning to appear in Mexico’s independent scene.

Silvana Estrada

Honest voice, deep lyrics, originality everywhere you look. Silvana Estrada is marking a before and after in Mexican folklore. She is compared to Chavela Vargas and other singers who are symbols of Latin American song, and the young Mexican singer from Coatepec, Veracruz continues to conquer the world with her sweet voice and masterful interpretation. “Marchita” is a song of nostalgia that grows and ends with a string quartet that allows you to finish connecting with the message of spite that is addressed in this song, her vocal cry bristles your skin the first second you hear it.

Tania Matus

Imagine a street in the iconic Guerrero neighbourhood of Mexico City at the time of the legendary Pedro Infante. Mexican singer-songwriter Tania Matus gives us in danzón rhythm “Dhalia” a story of metaphors that you can only say when you are completely in love with someone. The song takes you through a Mexican cultural environment; you can feel, smell or taste the freshness of each note heard in her melodies. It ends in an atmosphere of rumba, trumpets with a Latin touch. The young composer seeks to explore tropical rhythms in a way that no one else is doing, achieving an innovative sound.

Marissa Mur & Gepe

From the first second it catches you, envelops you and does not let you go. The voice of the Mexican singer-songwriter Marissa Mur, originally from the north of the country, sings “Ojitos de Aceituna” to a bolero chá rhythm with the help of Gepe. It’s a song to woo that person who drives you crazy, that song to dance together until dawn, that mellow melody that makes you smile thinking about her. The fine selection of sounds will take you like waves in the sea without you being able to resist listening to the whole song.


Characterized by their peculiar fusion of regional, hip hop and electro, which they call popteño, the band Suenatron together with El Licenciado (Kinky) and Mexican Dubwiser return with “La Gota Gorda”, an electronic merengue with percussion and a chorus that you will not forget; they take you to a party, it’s the perfect way to start any day.

If you like to send Mexican music to listen to, you can do so by sending a link of your music to [email protected]

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