Boebis’ ‘Negro Soy, Echoes of Black Peru’ Mixtape

By 28 July, 2017

To celebrate Peruvian Independence Day we are very happy to bring you a new mixtape from one of our frequent collaborators, French music researcher and DJ Boebis. This latest mixtape seems him delve deep into Afro-Peru with tracks by essential artists such as Nicómedes Santa Cruz, Peru Negro, Lucila Campos and Arturo Zambo Cavero, musicians who constantly fought for the culture and rights of Peru’s Afro-descendent peoples to be recognised.

You can check out more of Boebis’ mixes and his fine research into Peruvian and Brazilian music (in French) at Mon PerouBonjour Samba and Berceuse Électrique.

Tracklist and Credits

Victoria Santa Cruz “Me Gritaron Negra” (excerpt)
Abelardo Vásquez y Cumanana “Prendeme la Vela” (alcatraz / Abelardo Vásquez )
Nicómedes Santa Cruz “Samba Malanto” (landó)
Roberto Rivas y el Conjunto Gente Morena “Enciendete Candela” (ingâ / Roberto Rivas)
Chabuca Granda “Me He De Guardar” (landó / Chabuca Granda)
Lucila Campos “Negrito Chinchivi” (festejo / José Villalobos Cavero)
Peru Negro “Ollita Nomá” (main vocals by Caitro Soto and Lucila Campos) (festejo / Julio Morales San Martín, Carlos “Caitro” Soto de la Colinay César Calvo Coronado)
Caitro soto “Toro Mata” (toro mata)
Chabuca Granda y Nicómedes Santa Cruz “Canterurias” (marinera)
Nicómedes Santa Cruz “A la Molina” (panalivio / Francisco Ballesteros – Samuel Márquez)
Peru Negro “El Payandé” (main vocal by Lucila Campos) (danza canción / Vicente Holguín – Luis E. Albertini)
Nicanor Lobatón y el Conjunto Gente Morena “Libertad” (panalivio)
Arturo Zambo Cavero & Oscar Aviles “El Chacombo” (festejo)
Uncredited street musicians in Lima (percusión)
Nicómedes Santa Cruz “Ritmos Negros del Perú” (poema)
Victoria Santa Cruz “Me Gritaron Negra” (poema)

The cover is a photo of Caitro Soto.

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