Review Dengue Dengue Dengue – Son de los Diablos


Dengue Dengue Dengue is the project of two Peruvian musicians from Lima, Perú: Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira. Their old sound was a mix between psychodelic cumbia and electronic beats but now on this new release they have another proposal.

On Son De Los Diablos DDD leave their old digital psychedelic cumbia sound behind, instead flirting with Afro and Latin influences from Peru and Colombia. The new EP has 4 tracks. “Son de los Diablos” begins the trip in the Amazonian jungle, the road being led by a flute and a shaker rhythm; “Buscando” is heavy on percussion, which they mix with malleted instruments and synthesizers with a dark atmosphere and melancholic vocals; “Flootz” sounds like a dance at a tribal party where people from Peru, Colombia and Africa are up singing and clapping; the last track is “Cobre” that finishes off this trip with the most mysterious and slow beat of all, a smooth dembow.

Son De Los Diablos is the fourth official release from DDD, following on from La Alianza Profana (2012), Serpiente Dorada (2014) and Siete Raíces (2016). They have been working on remixes for artists like Symbiz, Novalima, Maajo and more.

Son De Los Diablos was released on January 26th 2018 by Enchufada Records, the label led by Branko, producer of Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal).

Listen to the EP in full below:

Upcoming dates:

26/07/2018 – BOOM Festival (Portugal)
10/08/2018 – Locus Festival (Italy)
17/08/2018 – Dockville, Hamburg (Germany)
07/09/18 – Festival Jour&nuit (France)
10/11/18 – Festival Fauna Primavera 2018 (Chile)

Son De Los Diablos is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US, iTunes and Spotify.

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