Eck Echo Are Raising Funds for Vital Remote Education Program in Peru

By 10 August, 2021

Berlin-based label and cultural instigators Eck Echo have launched a brand new compilation and fundraising campaign, both with the aim of supporting Radio Amazonia, a project which remotely educates communities across the geographically dispersed Peruvian Amazon.

Remote education is vital for so many young people in this region, but current facilities are often problematic with a lack of infrastructure limiting access to the service. This campaign aims to correct that, seeking to raise €50,000 which will allow for the renovation of radio transmitters, purchase of receivers, and to provide training for those who need it. The result will simply be that more young Peruvians will be able to access education, which can’t be a bad thing.

To raise these funds Eck Echo have launched a GoFundMe campaign, and released a new compilation curated by QOQEQA which features features some of the most exciting Peruvian electronic music producers around, Orieta Chrem, Vitu Valera, Lara Nuh and Tribilin Sound to name a few, as well as Carla Valenti and other names from across Latin America.

Donate to Radio Amazonia at GoFundMe.

Buy/listen to the compilation, also titled Radio Amazonia, below:

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