#FridayMixtape: Maribel Tafur’s ‘3,500 MSNM’ for New Latam Beats

By 27 September, 2019

Electronic folklore, continuing what digital cumbia started, has been joining together an underground electronic scene that has its core in Latin America but has spreads its influence worldwide. New Latam Beats showcases what is currently happening with this slow-burning phenomenon.

Besides compilations that have looked towards scenes in Chile, Brazil, Peru and their latest on Argentina, their series of mixtapes take you on a trip along the Andes.

Listen to this beautifully crafted set curated by Peruvian producer Maribel Tafur for their third installment.

01 Maribel Tafur – Muya
02 Ditti – Hi
03 Psycho Tropiques – Bicicleta Transatlántica
04 H20 – J’entendais Ce Rêve
05 Ibu Selva – Bursera Simaruba
06 Joaquin Cornejo – Soñando
07 Barda & Lobó – Romper La Imagen
08 Psycho Tropiques – Flocon Bitume
09 Maracuya – La Femme Caïman
10 Ditti – XD
11 Nicola Cruz – Okami
12 Maribel Tafur – Intimpa
13 El Búho – Ritmo De La Manche
14 San Ignacio – Chacarera Del Científico Exiliado…
15 Tribilin Sound & Sonidos Profundos – Naylamp
16 Maribel Tafur – Visible (Track For Central Rest)

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