Fundraiser Launched for Documentary About Peruvian Folk Festival

By 29 January, 2015

Peruvian film-maker Carlo Rodrigo Rojas is planning a documentary about the Huaylas annual crop festival in Peru and needs your help. He has just launched a Kickstarter for Huaylas: Folk Capital of Ancash, a film that will document one of the folkloric festivals that make Peru so special.

Here’s his explanation of what the crop festival in Huaylas is all about:

The town of Huaylas is a small farming village located in the Ancash Province in the mountainous regions of Peru. Apart from many ordinary farming villages, Huaylas celebrates its yearly crop festival in a very distinct way, through a five-day festival full of parades and marching bands. Peruvians travel all the way from the capital of Lima to this small town to take part in the festivities every July.

There are a variety of perks available for helping, including folkloric costumes, downloads of the final film, screening party invites, movie posters and lots more. It’s a great chance to help document this wonderful expression of Peruvian culture.

To contribute to the campaign just go to

Here’s Carlo to explain the project even further:

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