Neos Perú Release Compilation of New Peruvian Music (Free Download)

By 12 December, 2014

Sonido de Nuevos Mundos is a brand new compilation from Neos Perú which collects together some of the most prominent new music-makers in Peru. The compilation spans everything from electro to folk and rock to pop and includes artists such as Pipe Villaran, La Lá, Liquidarlo Celuloide and Puna.

The compilation was put together by Neos Perú along with influential Latin American music blogs bquate (Peru), Artezeta (Argentina), One Heap Wonder (Mexico), El Amarillo (Colombia), Dance To The Radio, Mérida (Costa Rica) and Señor Pollo (España). Across its 31 tracks you will get a true glimpse of the music currently being made in Peru.

Check out the Neos Perú Facebook page for information and updates on the compilation and the artists involved.

You can listen/download the compilation in full below:

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