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Orieta Chrem Finds Inspiration in Inti Raymi and UK Bass On New Single

By 10 June, 2019

The Lima label Terror Negro has been graffitiing its name on the urban psyche of Peru’s capital for some years now with an undeniably bass- oriented, spicy blend of electronic productions by the likes of Deltatron, Tomasa del Real and Tribilin Sound. Their latest release, “Deseo” (Desire) by Orieta Chrem, is a curiousity in many regards, not least due to the mastery of production techniques shown by this producer/DJ, who clearly stands out among many other producers of her generation – she is very familiar with audio technology as she also manages the recording studio Qmulus which has seen guests Branko, Matias Aguayo and Dengue Dengue Dengue in its top-notch recording booth.

In this genre-defying track which features Orieta’s long-time collaborator in the band Menores, Mambo Punk, on the cleverly warped-and-chopped vocal, is partly based on field recordings taken by Orieta on a visit to the city of Cusco during the Inti Raymi festivities. The song never allows itself to remain too long inside a comfort zone, expanding the original material into untapped domains of UK bass-inspired rhythmic patterns.

The results are all the more notorious when accompanied by the intriguing music video directed by Muriel Holguín from Tenis Estudio. There is an underlying drive or desire behind the dance numbers performed by her animated neon skulls; as Muriel herself expresses: “Desire as such makes us mortal, its longing for something concrete alters and dominates us. Our relationship with death has not always been mournful or mysterious, there is a playful aspect on which we can embark in order to elevate ourselves”. We welcome more such soulful, dark releases by the Terrornegro collective. The digital release also includes a dub remix by Tribilin Sound.

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