Peru’s Buen José Falls Ever Deeper on New Video ‘Nictofobia’

By Valdomiro Valle 29 May, 2020

In times of quarantine, one of the things we can miss most about the music industry is the presence of music videos that, without the need for a high budget, provide a deeper experience than many of the home-made efforts which have become de rigueur. For these reasons it is nice to find a video like the one that Buen José, a young Peruvian soloist, has made for “Nictofobia”.

The video represents a light nightmare, where our protagonist seems to be trapped by recurring fears and thoughts that do not allow him to move on with his life outside a closed house that could well symbolize his mind. He moves forward, room after room, falling ever deeper until the fall becomes literal.

As for the single itself, Buen José takes us to the more indie pop side of post-punk, positioning himself sonically and lyrically in that grey terrain where there seems to be no hint of hope, without falling into the hateful terrain of self-compassionate misfortune.

“Nictofobia” closes his EP Tarde Otra Vez, which the Lima musician released at the end of last year, a work in which he explores an even bigger palette of sounds than the one shown here.

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