PREMIÈRE: Dreams On Board’s Hypnotic Downtempo Soundtracks Taiwan at Night

By 28 August, 2020

Peruvian producer Diego Seymour, aka Dreams on Board, visited Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, in 2018, the first time he’d stepped into Asia. Banquiao, a district within Taipei, would leave such a mark that it became the title of the opening track of his recently-released album, Timeless.

In a glorious slice of circular collaboration, this caught the attention of Taiwanese film-maker Holo Wang, who lives in Banquiao, loved the track, and asked if he could create a video for it.

So we have “Banquiao”, the track and video, inexplicably creating a link between Peru and Taiwan. It’s a perfect fusion of ideas, Dreams On Board’s hypnotic, minimal rhythm creating a hallucinatory, emotive soundtrack for the neon-lit night-time bustle of Holo Wang’s visuals. The effect is akin to Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation, a blurring of realities, identities and senses, an interstitial space which becomes a character in itself.

For Holo Wang the idea of the video was to turn Taipei into a dream-like sequence, which he did by “overlapping different images to create shadows, to make the whole city like a dream.” In regards to the way that the video changes speed he adds: “Taipei is such a fast-paced city but sometimes you can find some places to have very slow moods, so in the film I slowly, gradually accelerate the speed, the pace is getting faster and faster, and then it all slows down at the end.”

Timeless is available now on Surrounding Label

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