Music Reviews

REVIEW AfroCubism

By 11 December, 2010

It’s not always a disaster when plans go astray. Fourteen years after the celebrated sessions in Havana that gave rise... Read Article

REVIEW Systema Solar

By 21 October, 2010

This is a disc of two halves. Predominate throughout is the kind of Latin/reggae/hip-hop groove that Manu Chao is famous... Read Article


By 10 October, 2010

Peña is a mix of instrumental and sung Afro-Peruvian standards, interpreted by musicians with a variety of backgrounds. It’s the... Read Article

Woodie Alien – Yeeha

REVIEW Woodie Alien – Yeeha

By 22 August, 2010

Considering Woodie Alien‘s self-confessed fascination with extraterrestrial activity it’s not too surprising that their sound comes off sounding like early... Read Article